The Great Mosque in Central Java

November 26th, 2010 by Zaenal Arifin | 2 Comments | Filed in Religion Tourism

Central Java Grand Mosque which is famous for its architectural beauty and splendor. Located in Jalan Gajah Raya, precisely in the Village Sambirejo, Gayamsari District, the city of Semarang. Phenomenal Mosque which was inaugurated by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on November 14, 2006, was built in 2001 and can accommodate no less than 15 thousand people. When inaugurated, the President signed the stone inscriptions as high as 3.2 m and weighing 7.8 tons, located in front of the mosque. The inscription is made of natural stone that comes from the slopes of Mount Merapi.

Mosque complex consists of an area of 7669 m2 main building and courtyard area of 7,500 m2. Unique blend of Javanese architecture, the Middle East and Rome reflected slick from the mosque which is also the attractions of integrated educational, religious, educational centers, and centers of Islamic syiar activity. Just look at the ornaments on the bottom of the pole mosque use motif like tumpal, untu walang, kawung, and machete.