About Coto Makassar

November 18th, 2010 by Zaenal Arifin | 10 Comments | Filed in Culinary Tours

Coto Makassar or Coto Mangkasara is a traditional food in the South Sulawesi city of Makassar, which is made from offal (entrails), cow / buffalo are boiled for a long time.

Mixed offal stew beef / buffalo is then sliced and seasoned with specially blended spices.

These foods are traditional foods that have become a trade-mark of Makassar city besides the beautiful beaches Losari.

Ketupat is rice steamed in coconut leaves while burasa or native is rice steamed in coconut milk and wrapped in banana leaves.

Currently Coto Makassar has spread to various regions in Indonesia, starting at street stalls to restaurants.