Blue Spring Beach Malang

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Blue Spring is one beach resort in the southern part of Malang Regency, which is free from tumulous waves of the Indian Ocean due to the existence of wild

life Sempu Island, about 300 yards offshore.

On the other side of the beach are now utilizing ‘as a Fishing Port and Fish Centre PPI debarkation where fishermen haul them down where they are under the authority of Department of Fisheries and Managed by the KUD (Koperasi Unit Desa), “Mina Jaya Pondok Dadap”.


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Natural beauty of Lombok Island in Indonesia

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Lombok Island is one of the islands of Indonesia is now in West Nusa Tenggara is located not far from the island of Bali, just a few miles. Rinjani on Lombok island is also the second highest volcano in Indonesia with an altitude of 3.726 meters above sea level. Object of the natural environment of mountain Rinjani on Lombok island is so amazing, so that mountain climbers Rinjani is Indonesia’s favorite for the beautiful scenery.

Lombok island is often referred to as the second with some foreign tourists who visit there, the only difference between the island of Lombok has a natural beach in the complaint is a beach on the island of Bali.


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Samalona Island

November 25th, 2010 by Zaenal Arifin | 4 Comments | Filed in Coastal Tourism

A. Brief Information
Samalona Island is a coral-shaped islands with an area of 2.34 hectares round. This small island is one of the marine tourism destination visited by many local and foreign tourists. White sands and crystal clear water make this island perfect for sunbathing. In addition, the region of this island is great for diving, because there are around coral reefs inhabited by diverse marine tropical fish, colorful, and other marine biota. The best times to tour the island Samalona is from February to October.


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Takabonerate Marine Park is very beautiful

November 22nd, 2010 by Zaenal Arifin | 19 Comments | Filed in Coastal Tourism, Nature Tourism

Takabonerate marine park has the third largest coral atoll in the world, coral reefs are healthy and beautiful, and rich in marine fauna. The location of marine parks located in the District Selayar Islands, about 25 miles from the Citadel, the capital city Selayar Islands District.

Takabonerate Marine Park is an area that is still awake kelamiannya. Throughout the eye could see only the blue expanse of sea coral that looks swell. The islands around it looks green with various plants and has a white sandy beach ramps.

This marine park has the third largest coral atoll in the world after Kwajifein Suvadiva in Marshall Islands and Maldives Islands. Size atoll is approximately 220,000 hectares with a coral reef flat area of 500 square kilometers.


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