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Sulawesi, formerly known as Celebes is a beautiful island, about 227 000 km2 total area, approximately amounting to England & Scotland. With a long and narrow peninsula, like the shape of orchid flower, it makes this island has a long coastline and an offshore island with views and high land is very beautiful.

Geographically Makassar strait wallace known as the boundary line, which divides the two kinds of flora and mortal separation western and eastern Indonesia. In this place there are specific flora and fauna such as black wood, hog deer and birds Maleo with unique characteristics that have a big egg.

This island has been inhabited by humans since 30,000 years ago, as evidenced by the signs that are found in caves located near the rocky limestone hill not far from the town of Maros, approximately 30 km southeast of Makassar, Sulawesi provincial capital South. There is the possibility of an ancient civilization on the island is Walanae valley, a region between Sopeng and Sengkang where ancient tool or appliance flakes found around this area.

During the prosperous era will spice trade in the 15th century to 19, South Sulawesi play an important role as gate Maluku islands, the island is rich in spices. Kingdom of Makassar and Bone big as mentioned in the history of eastern Indonesia, has played an important role.

The biggest tribes who inhabited the southern Sulawesi, namely: Bugis, Makassar and Toraja. Communities of these three famous tribe known as the heroic and brave sailors before and after the war lasts. With their traditional sail boat sail across the various sea in Indonesia, to northern Australia, some islands in the Pacific Ocean and headed for Africa.

Toraja society known for its unique culture. This can be seen especially in funeral ceremonies, traditional houses with a curved roof forms with beautiful carvings and natural color.

Geographically, the history and prehistory of South Sulawesi, creating a very interesting cultural elements, we can see and enjoy the uniqueness of these, such as customary ceremonies, traditional dances, carvings, beautiful fabrics made from silk and cotton and stunning tropical scenery.

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