Borobudur temple in Yogyakarta Indonesia

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Wonders of the world garden tour yogyakarta Indonesia Borobudur temple is the biggest temple in Indonesia, is also the largest Buddhist temple in the world. An ancient monument is preserved since the 9th century, long before Angkor Wat in Cambodia built.

In addition to being the center of international tourism, Borobudur temple is also a center of Buddhist religious observance in Indonesia. Number of foreign tourists visiting Indonesia Borobudur very helpful foreign exchange in tourism, so many hotels in Yogyakarta, built to accommodate foreign tourists who visit the Borobudur Yogyakarta.

The following photographs of Borobudur temple :

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Places of Interest In the Pare-pare city

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Pare-pare located on a bay overlooking the Strait of Makassar. In the northern part bordering Pinrang, on the east by District Sidenreng Rappang and in the southern border with Barru. Although located on the waterfront but most of its territory is mountainous.

Here is a list of some interesting places you might visit:

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Sinjai Nature Tourism

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Sinjai Nature Tours is located in the District of South Sulawesi Province Sinjai rich with natural attractions, Fort Balanipa, Archaeological Park Stone Pake ‘Gojeng, Karampuang Traditional House, Beach End Kupang, Sightseeing Barae Stone Twin waterfalls, waterfalls and waterfall seven Barania level.

Stone Gojeng Archaeological Park are top Bulupoddo, Karangpuang. In the tourist areas there is a grave stone and found various types of cultural objects such as nature reserves, fossil wood and coffin and ceramics dating back to the diperkiran Dinasty Sun
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Mosque of Al-Markas Al-Islami

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Mosque of Al-Markas Al-Islami was established on May 8, 1984 on the initiative of General M Joseph as a center for the development of Islamic religion. This place is designed in such a way as to reflect the integration of Islamic values were colored with the local culture and modern. Located at Jalan Masjid Raya, about 2 km from downtown Napier, with an area of about 10 hectares. In this place there shallat room facilities, schools, libraries, multipurpose room, and parking lots.

here are some pictures Mosque of Al-Markas Al-Islami :

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South Sulawesi Tour

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Sulawesi, formerly known as Celebes is a beautiful island, about 227 000 km2 total area, approximately amounting to England & Scotland. With a long and narrow peninsula, like the shape of orchid flower, it makes this island has a long coastline and an offshore island with views and high land is very beautiful.

Geographically Makassar strait wallace known as the boundary line, which divides the two kinds of flora and mortal separation western and eastern Indonesia. In this place there are specific flora and fauna such as black wood, hog deer and birds Maleo with unique characteristics that have a big egg.

This island has been inhabited by humans since 30,000 years ago, as evidenced by the signs that are found in caves located near the rocky limestone hill not far from the town of Maros, approximately 30 km southeast of Makassar, Sulawesi provincial capital South. There is the possibility of an ancient civilization on the island is Walanae valley, a region between Sopeng and Sengkang where ancient tool or appliance flakes found around this area.

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