Natural beauty of Lombok Island in Indonesia

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Lombok Island is one of the islands of Indonesia is now in West Nusa Tenggara is located not far from the island of Bali, just a few miles. Rinjani on Lombok island is also the second highest volcano in Indonesia with an altitude of 3.726 meters above sea level. Object of the natural environment of mountain Rinjani on Lombok island is so amazing, so that mountain climbers Rinjani is Indonesia’s favorite for the beautiful scenery.

Lombok island is often referred to as the second with some foreign tourists who visit there, the only difference between the island of Lombok has a natural beach in the complaint is a beach on the island of Bali.

Lombok means many tours, but the mainstream in the island of Lombok offers beautiful beaches, nature and natural resources under the sea in Lombok.

Lombok has a very clean waters and clear, until the eye can see on the ground, we can see different types of coral reefs. But for the underwater enthusiast, the island of Lombok also has diving facilities for divers, so you are free to see the coral reefs and various kinds of living things, the island of Lombok in the seabed. Some beaches are the backbone of the island of Lombok, Senggigi Beach, Gili Gili-Beach, and a few others.

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3 Responses to “Natural beauty of Lombok Island in Indonesia”
  1. Gildo says:

    Lombok, dua tahun yang lalu saya kesana, tinggal di daerah Kuta. Uuummm enaaakkk.
    Salam dari Barcelona (Spain)

  2. ucheng says:

    nice post … i hope that i can visit this island ….
    beautifull and natural ones !!


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