Samalona Island

November 25th, 2010 by Zaenal Arifin | 4 Comments | Filed in Coastal Tourism

A. Brief Information
Samalona Island is a coral-shaped islands with an area of 2.34 hectares round. This small island is one of the marine tourism destination visited by many local and foreign tourists. White sands and crystal clear water make this island perfect for sunbathing. In addition, the region of this island is great for diving, because there are around coral reefs inhabited by diverse marine tropical fish, colorful, and other marine biota. The best times to tour the island Samalona is from February to October.


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Takabonerate Marine Park is very beautiful

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Takabonerate marine park has the third largest coral atoll in the world, coral reefs are healthy and beautiful, and rich in marine fauna. The location of marine parks located in the District Selayar Islands, about 25 miles from the Citadel, the capital city Selayar Islands District.

Takabonerate Marine Park is an area that is still awake kelamiannya. Throughout the eye could see only the blue expanse of sea coral that looks swell. The islands around it looks green with various plants and has a white sandy beach ramps.

This marine park has the third largest coral atoll in the world after Kwajifein Suvadiva in Marshall Islands and Maldives Islands. Size atoll is approximately 220,000 hectares with a coral reef flat area of 500 square kilometers.


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Danau Tempe

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A. Brief Information
Danau Tempe is one tourist attraction in South Sulawesi are much visited by tourists, both domestic and foreign. The lake which covers about 13,000 hectares of this, when viewed from a height looks like a giant basin. The lake is a source of livelihood, fishing, not only for the community Wajo, but also some community members and Sidrap Soppeng District. Along the shores of the lake, looking nuanced Bugis fishing village lined up facing the lake.



Tanjung Bira Is The Romantic Beach

November 20th, 2010 by Zaenal Arifin | 13 Comments | Filed in Coastal Tourism

Tanjung Bira is a beautiful coastal tourist visited by many local and foreign tourists. Capers is located in the Sub District Marine Bonto Bulukumba South Sulawesi, located approximately 40 kilometers from the city of Bulukumba. This white sand beach facing two small islands namely Liukang and Goat Island. Goat Island is said never contested between the District and Bulukumba Selayar.

Location of Tanjung Bira right in the southern tip of South Sulawesi peninsula makes this place different from other attractions. Tourists can watch the sunrise (sunrise) in the eastern horizon and the sunrise (sunset) on the western horizon in a straight line.


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Santolo Beach

November 19th, 2010 by Zaenal Arifin | No Comments | Filed in Coastal Tourism

One of the most popular beaches are in the district. Garut is Santolo Beach. Located in the district. Cikelet, south of Garut city center, distance traveled within 3.5 hour drive or about 88 km.

Panati are well known in the city of Bandung and is a tourist destination. Santolo Coast region is a gathering of traditional fishermen who will be developed into a beautiful tourist destination. It is also an area for fishing activities as a dock (port) fishing vessel or boat that is in Pameungpeuk.

Enjoying panoramic coastal and marine tourism is an activity that can be done. There are also charter boats that serve the tourists to enjoy the pounding surf south coast is quite challenging. In addition we can enjoy fresh seafood dishes with a simple dish. facilities required by tourists is available such as inns, souvenir stalls at affordable prices.